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If There Were Dreams to Sell...

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

If there were dreams to sell

merry and sad to tell

and the crier rang his bell

what would you buy?

- anon

I'd buy a dream of riches and give it to the poor

I'd buy a dream of romance, full of sweetness and amour

I'd buy an epic journey telling tales of greatest feats

I'd buy a lullaby or two to whisk babes off to sleep

If there were but one ballad about the simple days of old

or tales of greatest courage, the likes you never heard unfold

If there were dreams of children playing happily outside

or stories about honour, authenticity and pride

If there were but one reverie of peace across the land

or chronicles of kindness amongst our fellow man

or parables of how to treat each other with respect

I'd buy the lot and cast them o’er the night sky for effect

If there were dreams available to purchase for a dime

I'd buy a bucket full of those majestic and sublime

and when the Crier rang his bell as the moon began to rise

I’d choose the dream that’d guide me to be thoughtful, kind and wise

By Nadine Hatzitolios McGill

© 2018 by Hatz Off Group

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