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Birds of a Feather and a Song

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

I was sitting at my laptop today wondering what I should blog about. I had just finished liking a bunch of posts on FB of a group of women who had completed a goal - to get published. Their compilation is released today on Amazon. Congratulations Ladies!!

The Real Journey of the Empowered Momboss

I started to feel anxious as writing a book is also one of my goals that I have not yet accomplished and the possibility of ever reaching that goal seems so daunting. Panic then set in because here I was, stressing over a book I had yet to write and I couldn’t even think of what to blog that moment!!!

Then something wonderful happened…I heard the birds singing outside my window, and although the scene outside is a wintery one, the above photo popped into my head of me in Athens with the pigeons. I like to be warm, and I like to be in Greece, but most of all I like to be in harmony with the flow of life and that is what the birds were singing this morning. Take time to be in nature, to listen to the wisdom of the creatures who just ARE. Aside from finding food and staying warm, they have no pressing agenda that causes loads of angst in their day. They have much to teach us about slowing down and just breathing in existence.

I am grateful for the birds that were outside of my window at the perfect moment this morning. I am grateful for the birds that alit on my arm that day in Athens as the sun was so warmly shining on my face. I am grateful for the birds yet to come who will remind me to listen and breath, then I know I will be able to relax and create. I know that I will find my flock who will help me publish and I know I will be able to sing my song.

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