Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Today I received two compliments about the work that I do from two different people. I must confess that I was not sure exactly what they were referring to when they uttered the compliment, and then the universe promptly smacked me upside the head as it so eloquently does at least ten times a day. One person knows me from a phone interview she conducted to determine my eligibility to contribute to a book compilation. The other person has participated in a mastermind group with me for almost a year now. I have launched a self-esteem seminar business in the last year and I do love to write, but my body of work, in my opinion, is barely palpable at this point in time. Yet to them, there was something that stood out, that captured their attention, that touched their soul. The message from the universe is that our ‘work’ does not have to be a Picasso painting, a timeless classical composition, or worthy of the Nobel prize. It just has to be from us. The requirement is that the ‘work’ is a piece of our soul that can only be created by us, that is ours and ours alone, that no one else could ever produce in quite the same way. It is ‘that thing you do’ that belongs only to you and is manifested through you to give away to and for others. It could be as simple as the way a person smiles at every passer-by, or the manner in which they light up the room they enter, or the grace by which one is able to comfort the sick, sad or dying. It is whatever the universe says is your unique gift, that thing that makes you, YOU. In the words of Sir Richard Branson, “Everyone has something valuable to bring to the table.” I hope you are sharing yours.

  • Nadine Hatzitolios McGill

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