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My daughter, an internationally competitive Irish dancer, was talking about fear with other dancers in her dance class today. They all admitted to having some kind of fear that they faced whenever they stepped on to the competitive stage. Far be it from me to judge the thoughts and feelings attached to that level of competition as I have never been in that realm. I do, however, wonder at what point an athlete of that calibre, determination, and tenacity, lets go of the fear and simply performs their gift for the sheer pleasure of the craft? At what point does the individual forget the pressure of competing and allow it to become secondary to the moment…become the afterthought to a gift that is for all intents and purposes, to be executed, enjoyed and displayed for the delight of the artist and the spectator?

When I witness that kind of talent, imperfections could not matter less. The skill is perfection. The presentation is perfection. The person is perfection. The surrender to it, is ultimate.


Smiles, sweetness, angels singing Blissful thought, wellness springing Pang of ending, joy of start Follow your soul, hear your heart Be not afraid, courage - freeing Delight in process, belief leads to seeing Walk the path, light of tread Void of fear, void of dread Lean into your life’s purposed dance Surrender is not happenstance.

  • Nadine Hatzitolios McGill

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