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This poem was inspired by an exercise from Teresa de Grosbois ‘s 30 Day Flame to Fame free online course: “If today were to really count, what would today look like?”

If Today Were to Really Count

If today were the day, I wouldn’t wile it’s worth away…

I’d grasp it by first wisps of light peeking through the dawn I’d lasso ticking moments, in which ideas I would spawn

I’d be pulling taught and harnessing its zest with ropes of chance I’d round up opportunity and start the day with lively dance

I’d do my work dynamically, regardless of the toil I’d not let negativity the day’s virtue rot or spoil

I’d sprinkle every hour with some gratitude and grace I’d leave room for friends and family in a sacred hallowed space

I’d treat the passerby the same as I’d want to be regarded I’d make sure not one human soul was rejected or discarded

I’d spend the eve in contemplation of the day that passed I’d drift to sleep with hopes tomorrow’d be as happy as the last.

Nadine Hatzitolios McGill

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