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Believe in Yourself!!

As I connect with women in a conversation about the reasons they have difficulty manifesting their dreams, or reaching their goals, three factors continually arise: 1) a lack of time, 2) a lack of direction, 3) a lack of belief in self. For this blog, I am going to focus on the subject of 'belief in self' because, without that, it really doesn't matter how much time or direction one has.

Somehow, while growing up, we lose our true selves as constant messages bombard us, telling us who and what we should be. Our natural determination to grow, accomplish, and have our needs met is shaped by society’s expectations that are drilled into our psyche daily. Early on in life, we forget who we truly are and what we truly want.

Human beings are designed to grow and progress. Creativity is a vital force in our make up. Listen to a baby cry and fuss until fed or changed. Observe a toddler grasping onto a piece of furniture to pull herself to standing and then onward to walking, regardless of how often she falls. Children are not thinking, "oh this is useless. I'll never figure this out. I can't do this!"

Unfortunately, after a constant barrage of criticisms and judgements, which everyone experiences as one goes through life, the belief is instilled that one is not capable.

The only thing that combats that belief is a stronger, steadfast, unalterable belief in one’s own worth.

Following, is an excerpt from a Mark Frentz blog: (

In it, Mark is talking about how success and joy in life have little to do with luck, and everything to do with self esteem and self image. I chose to include this excerpt because it is about a real-life client of Mark’s.

"I have a client who, when she came for my help, didn’t see herself as worthy of time or energy or investment. Over the course of my 6-month coaching program she began to see just how incredible she really is. She had a business that had not grown in the 3 years since beginning and now has started to grow. She also has a beautiful goal: to make enough money within a year to allow her husband to retire if he so chooses. At the beginning she struggled to see that she was worth spending money on (for my coaching services) and now is willing to budget a certain amount of money each and every month for her own development. What has changed? He beliefs about herself. That’s all. And yet that’s everything. This same client is now having a fantastic impact on her extended family as they see the changes in her and her kids will be growing up seeing their own value in a very different way than most children and will achieve so much more in life."

My dream is for YOU to find the belief in yourself, so you can follow nature’s course, not society’s, and reach your goals. If you don’t know where to begin, check out Mark’s website, or my FB page HATZ OFF GROUP – HATZ OFF TO SELF ESTEEM and join my group ‘AT THE TOP’

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