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You Are Youer Than You!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Is it the red hat that contains so much wisdom? I am happy to say that Dr. Seuss and The Cat in The Hat brought wisdom, loads of laughter and tons of pleasure into our home. I don’t think a Dr. Seuss book exists that I didn’t read to my children when they were growing up.

Ironically, it seemed quite fitting to quote Dr. Seuss in my HATZ OFF TO SELF ESTEEM PRESENTATIONS. After all, not only do we have a red hat in common, but also the desire to guide people to realizing their uniqueness, and in turn, elevating their self esteem.

Think about the quote for a moment. In all the billions of people on earth, there is no one else like you! Since that is the case, it is even more important that you be yourself and that you shine your light. You are one of a kind, just like The Cat in The Hat and Dr. Seuss. What would the world and childhood have been like without them? How sad had they not expressed their individuality and brilliance. How sad it will be if you don’t either!

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