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Thoughts Rule Your Life!

Have you ever thought about how powerful our thoughts are? Have you considered that the results we get in our lives are related to what we say to ourselves on a continual basis?

What we think, manifests in our bodies. If our thoughts are continuously destructive, the manifestation is sometimes seen in the form of a disease, sometimes a mental health issue, and sometimes a negative physical trait like stooped shoulders. The best thing that can happen to an entrepreneur is to witness the positive impact her business product or service has had on a client. I was fortunate enough to observe a client of mine enjoy a healthy transformation after attending the launch of my HATZ OFF TO SELF ESTEEM SEMINAR COMPANY recently in Calgary. She entered the event with a sad face, very low energy, drooped shoulders, and seemingly void of any joy or satisfaction with herself or her life. I have known her for many years and that is her typical disposition. Two days after the event, she was standing straighter, had a smile on her face, and had a hint of a lilt in her step and her voice. She admitted that she had needed to hear the message of self esteem at the seminar and she had become more positive and engaging in less than 48 hours. Talk about a metamorphosis!!! I am not suggesting that all transformations occur that rapidly, nor that they are necessarily complete. What I am suggesting is this…the individual of whom I speak, is a very gentle soul who needed to know she is worthy...worthy of love, support, value and self esteem. She needed the permission to be herself, and to begin the journey of finding and developing into a highly self-actualized human being. The simple occurrence of being born onto this planet is reason enough for worthiness. Unfortunately, many of life’s circumstances often wear on our ability to conjure up and sustain confidence. What this individual learned and took responsibility for, was her thoughts. She felt that a change needed to happen in her life so she mustered up the courage and attended my self esteem event. She learned how to become aware of her thoughts, what tools to put in her self esteem tool belt, and what signs to watch for so as not to slip back into old habits and patterns of negative thinking.

I am happy that my HATZ OFF TO SELF ESTEEM team and I could help this woman believe in herself.

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